Mass executions follow confiscation of weapons

Stop attacking the 99.9 percent of law-abiding citizens with more regulations that are proven ineffective - the insane and the criminals don't care about your stupid regulations.

The courts created a void by removing God from our schools and what is filling that void? Immorality, violent games, violent movies, gangs that kill daily, and an entitlement culture that passes down from generation to generation.

You create gun free zones so where does every insane murderer go to kill? Gun free zones.

We want our AK47's because of protection from those in government trying so desperately to demolish our Constitution and remove our rights.

Look how many countries have committed mass executions of their citizens after they confiscated their weapons. Look in your history books. This is precisely why the Second Amendment was written. That amendment says not a word about hunting.

Gang killings are the highest in cities with the strictest gun control laws and that violence is escalating. Crime is lowest where gun control is the least.

Where is the common sense in all of this? I am at a loss.

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