Singer guilty of murdering Anthem

Why must we have to listen to a female singer who takes it upon herself to murder our National Anthem? It was never meant to be sung the way many of these entertainers are singing it. It was so painful at the Super Bowl, people started talking and making noises.

We are the only nation that I know of that dares to make their National Anthem a song for the individual. It should be sung by everyone and the first note could be started by a man or woman in a key everyone could sing. If you want to hear it properly sung, go to the Coast Guard Academy. The soprano does not shriek at the end and everyone there sings.

You never hear the Canadians, British or the French or any other country doing to their National Anthem what we do to ours. It was a disgrace the way it was sung at the inaugural by the celebrity. We should all have been asked to rise and sing our National Anthem.

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