Cats deadly, yes, but people let them roam

Yet again, the cats are getting the bad rap: "That cute, cuddly kitty is a lot deadlier than you think, study finds," (Jan. 30).

"Domestic cats kill 12.3 billion mammals yearly!" screams the story.

It is not the cats' fault, it is the humans' fault! Yes, I agree cats should be indoors, but people let their cats out and abandon them and they have kittens, lots of kittens. One female cat can have up to 450 kittens in her lifetime.

I say it is time to change the laws. Anyone interested in the current laws about feral or strays cats, just look it up, you will be appalled at what our animal control officers do not have to do to help with all the stray and feral, it is time to make them accountable and be forced to help with this out of control situation. It is time to contact our state legislators and change the laws. When we change the laws then and only then will we able to get this problem under control.

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