Fleming's Feed store raises money for Preston family

Preston – The local Fleming Feed & Hardware store is raising money this month to help defray medical and other costs faced by the family of Rob Irvine, who was diagnosed with ALS a year ago.

Rob Irvine was forced to leave his job, and his wife Melissa Irvine had to return to work to keep medical insurance for herself, her husband and their three young children.

The family had to re-design their home to create a first-floor bedroom for Rob Irvine, but several weeks ago, he fell and broke a hip and has had a full hip replacement.

The family has tried to maintain a positive attitude. People can follow their progress at the Facebook page “We love Rob Irvine.”

Fleming's Feed in Preston is helping to raise money for the Irvines by donating part of the proceeds from sales at the store at 353 Route 165, Preston. The store has raised $1,000 and hopes to raise at least $5,000.


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