Sailors share science, technology skills with students

Groton — Local sailors volunteered at the Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School Feb. 6 and at the Westerly Public Schools Feb. 6 to 8 to lend their skills in science, technology, engineering and math.

At Bennie Dover, Legalman First Class Ru Li used her knowledge of origami to create deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) paper craft shapes to provide interactive 3-D images for the students to use in their classroom discussions.

A variety of personnel from the submarine base went to Westerly to discuss and demonstrate their work in STEM fields for a series of "Digital Learning Day" events.

Cmdr. Glenn Porterfield, director of Submarine Onboard Training at the Submarine Learning Center, planned to speak with elementary school students about how the submarine force uses science. Liz Murphy, an educational specialist at the Submarine Force Library and Museum, and Marie Chabot, an electrical engineer assigned to the Submarine Technical Support Center, also spoke with elementary school students.


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