Appalled by criticisms of snow clean-up

As someone who works in the office of a local Public Works Department, I have to say that it is appalling the way some residents call and scream and swear at the office staff. After the recent major winter storm I had to listen to people scream and use profanity. I had to listen to people call our highway workers stupid, incompetent and threaten to slap the plow drivers.

I do understand the frustration all were feeling due to the severity of the storm and the time it took to restore things to a level of normality. However, what do these individuals think they are going to gain by yelling, name calling and threatening the workers? Yes, we are called to offer a high level of customer service to the best of our ability, which may not meet the expectations of everyone who calls, but the residents and customers need to realize that this sort of behavior is uncalled for and abusive.

I have to wonder if these individuals talk to their spouses, children or grandchildren the way they talk to us.

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