Indefensible to oppose hike in minimum wage

As I follow the debate on raising the minimum wage I learn that Chili's Inc. is one of the biggest opponents of raising the wage. They testify ad nauseum every time the issue comes up, arguing it will bankrupt the food service industry and do great harm to the 19 Chili's restaurants in Connecticut.

When one looks closer the following numbers pop up; Chili's grossed $2.8 billion last year. The CEO pocketed $3.6 million in compensation. It seems the CEO does more harm to the bottom line than trying to lift up those who do his bidding and live on less than poverty wages.

I would urge people to voice their concern when they dine in these establishments. If I worked for these folks I would unionize today. In 31 states these employees live on $7.25 an hour. The management should be ashamed of this horrible track record. How do they look their employees in the eye with this kind of disparity.

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