Day quality slipping, far too many mistakes

Your newspaper is getting worse and worse because no one is proofreading. What I am referring to is the fact that many years ago we were told to read The Day to help us with our spelling, grammar and punctuation. No parent or teacher would utter those words today as your paper has errors every day, including headlines such as the one in the sports section on Nov. 17 that read: "Logan wins pole." It was Logano. On Feb. 17 the caption below the wrestling photo states, "...and was won of six" instead of "one of six". There are others as well and I am sure that you are aware of this happening but are doing nothing about it as I have called about this previously and have finally sent this letter. Hopefully more will follow. There are even errors in your AP pieces.

About the only place that I do not find errors is in your editorials. Perhaps the writers are more educated or take more time to review their work?

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