Gun magazine limits pretext for gun seizure

Government talking about limiting bullets to what the magazine may hold is a fascist process, since 9-mm handguns hold 15 bullets. These guns will be illegal making law-abiding citizens criminals. ATF will then have cause to come into houses and search to make sure the capacity the registered firearms within the household are correct, an invasion by our government, infringing our Fourth Amendment that states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects ... shall not be violated ..."

Legal gun owners should not pay for criminal actions. It's ignorant thinking that putting tougher laws on gun ownership and bullet count will stop gun violence. Ever see the program Gangland? You think new laws are going to stop gang violence?

We have the right to bear arms to form a militia to protect ourselves from government overthrow, to protect our families and properties. When another country drops thousands of paratroopers on the United States, 30 bullets in a magazine won't sound bad.

Focus on criminals on our streets and weapons they may have, not what's in our houses. The protection firearms provide isn't just for police or criminals, it's mainly for us, the United States citizens. Enough is enough.

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