Don't believe lies behind Obamanomics

Disingenuous is a convenient word for pundits to use because they can imply someone is not close to the path of telling the truth without saying they've turned the corner into being a full-blown liar. I have read and heard various opinions of the State of the Union speech by President Obama and many have used that term. I think that term is too kind. Any level of credibility that our bloviator-in-chief may have earned in his years as a community organizer dissipated as we listened to his rendition of events that have occurred over the last four years.

His pontification over the upcoming four years was equally incredible. While it is natural for politicians to cite statistics supporting their point of view, we all know that statistics can be selective and manipulative. Both sides of the aisle do it. But as America is bombarded with opinions and numbers, any concept of common sense is being steadily undermined.

It is as if a parent, upon discovering that his child has overspent their allowance, hears the child pleading emphatically "but Dad, you don't understand! I truly saved a boatload of money by not buying that car I wanted." Does Dad provide a refresher course in truth and reality or does he sign up for a course in Obamanomics?

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