Conn College alum wins Oscar

A Connecticut College alum won the Oscar for best documentary short Sunday night.

Sean Fine, who graduated from Conn in 1996 with majors in zoology and filmmaking, and his wife, Andrea Nix Fine, made "Inocente." The piece focuses on Inocente Izucar, a 15-year-old who dreams of becoming an artist even as she faces homelessness and life as an undocumented immigrant in San Diego.

"When they called our names, it just seemed really surreal," Fine said in a backstage Oscar interview. Fine said he and Nix Fine were squeezing each other's hands so tight, he had her nail marks in his palms.

The duo founded Fine Films in 2003, and it's based in Washington, D.C. They just screened their latest work, "Life According to Sam," at Sundance.

The Fines were also nominated for an Academy Award in 2008 for "War/Dance." That documentary dealt with Ugandan children trying to win a music competition.


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