Long past time to balance federal budget

The major reductions in military spending called for by the lack of a balanced budget for over the last 15 years is certainly justified. But Congress and the administration have never looked at spending as a comptroller does. And it's about time they did.

A president sent our troops into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan without a declaration of war, without a clear understanding of the consequences and without Congress approving funding.

Worst of all when Gen. Eric Shinseki (a man who would know) told Congress what the cost would be he was fired and shunted aside by those who knew nothing of battle. What a way to run the military!

The present military establishment is so big and spread so far that it is time to retrench and reduce not only the armed forces but also the military industrial complex behind it. The American people are beginning to wake up to the realities of uncontrolled spending.

The cost of deficit spending is huge and unpredictable. We see the situations in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, to name a few failing countries, and worry about our country - as well we should. So let the ax fall and start all over again with a safe and balanced budget paid for with available tax dollars.

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