Using Newtown tragedy to disarm Americans

I write in response to the letter, "Sick of hearing all the talk about gun rights," (Feb. 18), calling responsible gun owners gunslingers.

The Newtown tragedy was the result of a mentally unbalanced individual trained by his mother in the use of such weapons. Certainly not the work of a responsible gun owner.

Please do not brand all gun owners as gunslingers. That would be like saying everyone that has an occasional drink is an alcoholic. That is simply not the case.

Speaking of children's rights, what about the rights of all the millions of aborted children - children who will never see a birthday party or enjoy a holiday with family and never have families of their own? What about their rights?

Why is it we do not see our president or other government officials shedding any tears for these children?

Could it be that these politicians are using this unfortunate tragedy to further their anti-gun position to disarm American citizens?

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