Dam repair will help curb future flooding

The Lantern Hill Valley Association, an organization of residents who live around Long Pond and Bush Pond in Ledyard and North Stonington, acknowledge efforts by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation for the impressive reconstruction of the Lantern Hill Pond Dam, outflow and culvert.

The project will go a long way toward protecting the road and downstream from future washouts. Lantern Hill Road sustained substantial damage associated with the washout of the Lantern Hill Pond berm in the March 2010 flood.

We know the tribe used many of its own workers and appreciate how they were always helpful to those of us who drive on Homestead Road.

The project involved rebuilding the Lantern Hill Pond Dam and outlet, which incorporated fish ladders into the beginning of the outflow, rebuilding the stream from Lantern Hill Pond to Long Pond, replacing a culvert, repaving Lantern Hill Road and improving visibility from Homestead Road onto Lantern Hill Road.

We look forward to seeing fish using the fish ladder.

For pictures of the 2010 flood and the dam and road work visit TheLHVA.org and click on Lantern Hill Road repair.

Editor's note: The writer is secretary of the Lantern Hill Valley Association.

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