National Kahlua Day? Sweet!

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National Margarita Day may have come and gone (last Friday), but wouldn't you know another booze holiday is upon us-National Kahlua Day. And it's today!

And just what is Kahlua, really? According to its website, Kahlua is a blend of "sugarcane spirit and 100 percent Arabica coffee."

Fun fact: Kahlua was born in Mexico and debuted on the cocktail scene in 1936.

Now, you can make like The Dude in "The Big Lebowski" and keep the celebration simple with a White Russian, but you can class it up, too. From the mixologists at Mohegan Sun's Vista Lounge at Wombi Rock, we have an easy recipe for an Espresso Martini, no dairy required.


1 part vanilla vodka*

1 part Kahlua

3 parts espresso vodka*

1 part espresso (preferably fresh)

*Vista uses the Van Gogh line of vodkas

Pour all of the above into an ice-filled shaker. Shake, strain and pour.

Don't drink? Let me share an old Nadolny family secret: add a healthy dash of Kahlua to any brownie mixture to add delicious depth to the finished batch.

-Marisa Nadolny


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