Move forward with Groton city changes

I agree with the Feb. 9 letter, "On second thought TVC deal right move." It is time to "move forward." It is time to move forward with a different Groton City Council, a different Board for Groton Utilities and different management. It is time to stop using GU monies as a giant slush fund. It is time to "move forward" with transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers.

Imagine what the ratepayers and taxpayers could have done with $38 million? What is to say that some version of this won't happen again? The previous and current city administration has failed the taxpayers and their children to the tune of $38.8 million dollars; individually the people responsible are all fine volunteers whom I would share a drink with, but collectively the 14-year fiscal stranglehold they placed on local government has failed us miserably.

Responsible officials would have taken action long ago - that is why they call it leadership - unless they thought they could get away with it.

The Groton taxpayers and their children deserve much better.

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