Governor's gun control ideas lack support

It would seem that our governor wants gun control despite overwhelming opposition to it. He feels that his commission on gun violence is not working fast enough. I am sorry Gov. Malloy, but if you deny my constitutional rights, I will sue you. I will win because these rights that you want to infringe were granted to all by grace of basic human rights. The Second Amendment guarantees this.

I have questions for the governor. Have you tried to get a pistol permit in this state and purchased a handgun? I had a background check done when I did.

What has the governor or the legislative branch done to combat violent crime, or crime in general? Background checks now are done by the local police departments and destroyed after your permit is approved or denied.

Honestly, do we need another level of government keeping lists of people who have followed rules and obeyed laws? This is not about magazines and "assault rifles" it's about control. I feel that there is enough control out there. With 2014 coming fast I feel we need more hunters and gun owners in the legislature, people willing to fix the other problems we have up there.

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