Let Montville residents handle their garbage

I write concerning plans for curbside garbage collection in Montville.

I've lived in this town since 1973, and the curbside garbage collection proposal is way up there on the list of dumb things that Montville councilors come up with just to aggravate taxpayers. It's clear that this item should be tabled. If not, at least include it on the November ballot for the voters to decide.

We have a transfer station on Route 163 doing a great job. Let them keep doing what they do and stop trying to seize more money from taxpayers. Private garbage collection has been available, and anyone who wants it can sign up. It's not that expensive, and it costs the town less overall. I don't know of anyone who has a dump pass that would prefer town-run curbside collection.

Montville's taxpayers just went through a hefty tax increase by making up revenue for the town's losses from the Rand Whitney lawsuit, and the lost revenue from the AES Thames power plant. My suggestion to those who pushed the idea, councilors Dana McFee and Chuck Longton, is to think more and come back with some ideas on how to save money, and stop deciding what is best for me.

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