She found treatment of Hewett appalling

I am appalled at the treatment of Rep. Ernie Hewett. I was not at the meeting in which this took place but one thing that stands out blatantly is that Hewett was not granted due process.

To think that we endured much worse scandal with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and President Clinton without immediate discipline just shows me how far lost we are in our society of justice.

We do not have a complaint from the young girl in issue. In order to have a sexual harassment issue, someone first needs to be on notice that their conduct is offensive and then continue the behavior. I have never known Hewett to be anything less than a gentleman.

We may not agree on all issues, but what makes America special is the freedom to make your own opinions. I would also point out that Hewett has never had any other issue which would bring to light such harsh treatment of him. I believe that he should be restored to his original position, his pay reinstated and at most a letter of reprimand, noting that sometimes all of us say things that can be construed in a different manner than intended.

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