DVD tip: "Celeste and Jesse Forever"

How great that more and more actresses are writing their own material. Think of recent examples like Zoe Kazan and "Ruby Sparks," and Guilford native Jennifer Westfeldt and "Friends with Kids," among others. Rashida Jones, co-star TV's "Parks and Recreation," co-wrote the script for "Celeste and Jesse Forever" with Will McCormack, and it gives her the kind of showcase she deserves as an actress. Her Celeste is divorcing childhood sweetheart Jesse (Andy Samberg), but they can't quite let go. Jones plays funny extraordinarily well - we know that - but she also shows here that she can delve into heartache, regret and confusion, as Celeste moves from being frustrated by Jesse's slacker attitude to being jealous when he gets a new girlfriend. Jones and Samberg share an easy chemistry that makes the character's complicated relationship thoroughly believable.



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