Clinton Girl, 12, ‘a Hero’ in Branford Assault Rescue

Jordon Ledyard, 12, of Clinton is being commended by police for springing into action late Monday, March 4 assisting an elderly couple, who were among a number of victims of a violent assault that erupted in Branford Center just after 4 p.m.

Police received a flurry of E-911 calls reporting the assault in front of 960 Main Street, according to Sergeant Kris Hormuth, who supervised the investigation. A number of officers responded to the incident, including Officer Rashaad Roach.

Roach determined that a very large, 19 year-old man who has mental illness became uncontrollably outraged when the parked vehicle he was in was accidently struck by an elderly driver attempting to parallel park on Main Street. Roach said that as the elderly driver and his wife exited their car to survey the damage, they were attacked by the 19 year-old, pushing the senior driver to the ground, causing him a head injury, and then pushed his senior wife to the ground, kicking her in the face.

When Ledyard, who was sitting with her mother, Jennifer, a short distance away, saw the elderly man being pushed and fall to the ground, she immediately ran to the man’s aid. While trying to assist the elderly victims, Jordon was also struck in the face as she and others tried to assist the victims and seek refuge from their assailant in a nearby doctor’s office. In all, four people were assaulted by the 19 year-old.

Chief Kevin Halloran commended the fast action of all who assisted the victims of this unfortunate assault and wishes everyone injured during the incident a speedy recovery.

“However,” Halloran continued, “I know that I, along with all of the officers that responded are astonished by the gallant act of bravery that Jordon exhibited, putting herself in harms way of someone who is at least three times her size to assist others during this crisis is truly a noble act.”


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