McFee 'gives up' on trash pickup plan

The job of an elected town official has always been about finding ways to improve the quality of life in a town with the majority in mind. That is what I had in mind while promoting townwide trash pickup here in Montville.

Much of the opposition I encountered along the way was fueled with misinformation and lack of understanding on how it would work. Ultimately I had to give up because the overwhelming support needed to implement the plan never materialized.

What I found troubling (which in the past I have been guilty of too) was that much of the opposition was focused on the proposer (me) and not the proposal. The unfortunate result of this will be fewer officials willing to go out on a limb with ideas for fear they will be ridiculed, and then the whole town loses.

In the future we need to focus on the pros and cons of proposals, instead of who or which political party proposes them.

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