Malloy's insulting comments were unbecoming a Connecticut governor

Gov. Malloy's dismissive comments that the 3,000 residents who showed up to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to voice their opinions on major gun control bills are "the fringe of the fringe" concerns me. The Connecticut citizens he refers to are hardworking, law abiding, tax paying residents. They were exercising their right to speak to their legislators about various proposed bills.

Many are disabled residents. To call these individuals "the fringe of the fringe" is totally unprofessional and uncalled for. The message: If you wish to voice your opinion during the legislative process, you will be considered an outcast.

As founder of the organization Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights I am appalled. Our organization represents approximately 15,000 disabled firearm owners nationwide, with about 2,700 members in Connecticut.

Malloy is a member of the Democratic Party, which purports to encourage diversity and progressiveness among people of all races, genders and social classes and promotes same-sex marriage and equality.

One can safely assume that disabled persons would be considered equal in the eyes of the governor and his party. That instead they were subjected to discriminatory remarks because they represent a view that opposes Malloy's platform is abhorrent.

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