Benghazi cover-up no little white lie

It is understandable that politicians sometimes say things they don't believe. The public is made up of all kinds of ideologies so that anything a politician says will offend someone and maybe a lot of someones. Knowing this problem exists, and having a need to please most voters in order to win elections, one gives a pass on many statements and views expressed publicly by office holders and candidates.

What isn't acceptable are straight out mischaracterizations of facts, and especially by the country's top office holder. The incredible public treatment of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, including the president's appointed ambassador, has been an attempt to bury the facts. At this point, the public can't find any closure, because it doesn't have answers as to why an American ambassador was refused repeated pleas for protection.

Why? It shames us all.

We have recently heard ridiculous statements from cabinet members pushed out in front of microphones to insult the American public with horror stories about the fiscal cliff that turned out to be outright false. The president is where the buck stops, and in my view he has shown no respect whatsoever for the public that elected him.

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