So-called buy-back program was a joke

Once again, the referees of karma have decided that New London becomes a laughing stock.

The March 3 article "Nothing but nice guys turning in guns at New London buy-back" was a perfect example of the uselessness of such feel-good strategies. Given the mindset of New London's good mayor, I'd guess he is lamenting the absence of free pony rides, hot dogs and milk shakes at this charade. How else will he explain the dearth of thugs and gang-bangers patiently standing in line to relinquish the tools of their trades?

And allow me to take issue with the terms we use to describe such events. Doesn't the term "buy-back" imply that the firearms obtained by the police and similar agencies were either owned or provided by them in the first place?

The on-going debates, emanating from last December's events in Newtown, are largely incomplete. We've been told, again and again, the official version of what happened that day. Have we been told the whole story of Sandy Hook?

Moreover, as a responsible citizen, I resent being lectured by hypocritical, attention-hungry politicians.

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