Trash collection plan didn't get fair hearing

On Feb. 27, Montville Public Works/Solid Waste Subcommittee met to discuss town trash pickup. Two other residents, a private contractor, a reporter and I attended. Where was the interest in this subject that night?

Members presented ideas of a town ordinance. They explained cost, impact on places like Hillcrest, and raised genuine concern for transfer station employees. They agreed to present the plan to the Town Council; then hold a public hearing, with input from residents (questions and concerns). That would determine if the ordinance should be implemented. It might have been voted on.

I am disappointed with comments in the newspaper recently and withdrawal of Councilor Dana McFee's proposal. This was to be a democratic process allowing questions and concerns from residents. Sadly, some residents rejected the plan without hearing the facts. Being closed minded isn't beneficial to anyone. Misinformation and lack of understanding leads to negative opposition. Good ideas are missed when people can't share them. Town officials should be allowed to do their jobs and suggest ways to improve the town for residents.

I am not for or against town-wide pickup. I have questions. Because of a handful of residents, none of us will get our answers.

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