Thoughts of warm climates inspire winning sundae

New London — At Michael’s Dairy at Mitchell College Wednesday, thoughts of spring, ice cream and competition were on everyone’s mind.

In preparation for the dairy’s opening on Friday, it sponsored a “Create-a-Sundae” competition, where 30 members of the Mitchell College community submitted sundae recipes in hopes that their creation would be featured on the menu this summer.

Dairy manager Jessica Brodeur and John McGowan of Radio Mitchell chose 10 finalists — five students and five faculty and staff members — whose concoctions were sampled by a panel of judges, including Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio and Dean of Students Jason Ebbeling.

“I’ve got the worst job ever,” Finizio joked. “It’s really, really rough, but I’ll do my best.”

After the four judges shared the 10 sundaes, they offered up the remains to self-proclaimed “back-up judges” in the audience. Mitchell sophomore Robbie Cohen threw a thumbs-up into the air after tasting “S’more Please” and called “Death by Chocolate” a chocolate wonderland.

With 46 flavors of ice cream to choose from, and countless toppings and sauces, contestants did not have trouble dreaming up sundaes. The “Nutty Buddy” submitted by Melissa Shafner, a staff member, consisted of butter pecan, peanut butter and pistachio ice creams, with nut toppings and whipped cream.

“I’ve been coming to Michael’s Dairy since I was a little girl, and those have been some of my favorite flavors,” Shafner said. “It looked like a fun idea, so I entered.”

The winner of the contest was the “Luau,” a tasteful mixture of coconut and orange pineapple ice creams topped with strawberry and pineapple toppings and coconut shavings.

Its creator is Christopher Scott, assistant director of the Thames Academy, a pre-college transitional program run by Mitchell. He said he was inspired by the warm idea of a luau in the depth of winter.

“I haven’t tasted it yet, but I can assure you, it’s a slice of heaven,” Scott said prior to the competition. After winning, he decided to retire from sundae making and give others a chance at victory. He did, however, pledge to order the Luau every time he visits the dairy.

Among the runners-up were “Cookie Monster,” “Cookie Dough Day Dream,” “Death by Chocolate” and “Bee Nutty.”

Until it was sold to Mitchell College in 2006, Michael’s Dairy had been family-owned for 70 years. Now run by Mitchell College students as part of the college’s hospitality and tourism programs, the dairy offers a learning opportunity for many Mitchell students.

Bob Forcier, chairman of the hospitality department, calls the dairy a “learning lab.”

“It’s a place to talk about inventory, purchasing, service or anything else,” Forcier said. “Students can get the full dose of management, the whole works.”

The dairy hopes to continue the tradition of competition, perhaps introducing a signature milkshake contest next year.

The winners

Overall winner:
The Luau
by Christopher Scott, assistant director of Thames Academy:
Orange pineapple Ice cream, coconut ice cream, pineapple topping, strawberry topping, shredded coconut with a paper umbrella.

Runners up:
Cookie Monster
by student Alix Battle:
Oreo ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, vanilla, Oreo topping, hot fudge and whipped cream

Death by Chocolate by Bob Forcier- Faculty, hospitality and tourism department chairman:
Brownies with extreme chocolate ice cream, brownie batter ice cream, with chocolate syrup, hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips

Bee Nutty by learning specialist Jen Sullivan:
Vanilla ice cream, peanuts and honey

Cookie Dough Daydream by student Kelsey Miller:
Cookie dough ice cream, caramel topping, hot fudge topping, brownie pieces, and waffle cones pieces


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