Contributor's widow shares her thoughts

I know that this letter is long overdue and for that you all have my apologies. The shock of David's sudden death has yet to wear off and I have been remiss in not writing this sooner.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the commenters who posted their condolences on upon reading of my husband's, David Irons', death. I would especially like to note my appreciation to the many of you who, like "Dollar Bill," John Yannacci Sr. and Bud Bray, to name a few, came to David's Memorial Service. I would write each and every one of you a thank-you note but have no way of communicating with most of you except through this letter. I wish that David had been able to meet with all of you. Many of you may at times have been online rivals, but you were also great online friends and David respected all of you for the comments you posted.

I would also like to acknowledge Day Staff Writer Kathleen Edgecomb for the beautiful article she wrote about David. Finally, I extend my sincere apologies to the editor who wrote the article "Stop talking, start leading on fiscal fix." I am so sorry that I detracted from your well-written editorial by my post about David's demise.

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