Corporate welfare, yes, but citizen welfare, no

The March 12 front-page headline read, "Malloy: Deal for Pfizer Labs in Works," while the Region front-page section headline read, "Thrift Store Falls Victim to State Budget."

The Pfizer deal appears to involve some portion of a $1.5 billion investment in the University of Connecticut, in this case geared to utilization of vacant lab space in Pfizer's Groton facility, seemingly to save property tax dollars, thereby bribing Pfizer to not demolish this building. Of course, there is no mention of the quid pro quo - will Pfizer receive yet another tax break? How much of the 700,000 square feet will UConn actually utilize and who pays the taxes, rent, utilities, etc? All the backroom details are missing but the implications are clear with re-election just one year away.

Meanwhile, a vital "Helping Hands" Thrift Store in Norwich and their encompassing Rides for the Needy to medical appointments will be slashed by Malloy budget amputations, raiding the $50,000 funding (neither a billion, nor even a million) and robbing those in need of this facility.

Perhaps, instead of killing community essential services, the Malloy-Pfizer/mega-profitable drug czar pact could include this paltry $50,000 and continue to assist desperate women and children in need of clothing but, alas, not Viagra.

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