Red Wanting Blue plays the Wolf Den

Red Wanting Blue
Red Wanting Blue

From the mid-'80s on, the highways and live music circuits have been clogged with a meat-and-potatoes style of American music typified, in terms of success, by artists like Hootie and the Blowfish, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Sister Hazel.

There are elements of mainstream rock, modern country, basic instrumentation and chord structures - and of course the Big Hook choruses.

One of the finest of these bands has, for some reason, bubbled just under "headliner" status. They're called Red Wanting Blue, and they've been slogging it out for several years, releasing consistently solid albums and slowly earning a loyal fan base, one gig at a time. Their latest album is called "From the Vanishing Point," and you can see their reportedly fantastic live show tonight for free in the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den.


Red Wanting Blue, 8 tonight, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free; 1-888-664-3426,


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