East Lyme residents approve appropriations

East Lyme - Residents at a special town meeting Wednesday approved appropriations for a communications system upgrade, parking renovations at the Cini Park parking lot and equipment for beach security and maintenance.

Residents approved by majority vote $59,118 toward improvements to the Cini Park parking lot that would expand the number of spaces to 127 from the 60 or so that currently exist. The appropriation represents the amount Amtrak had paid to the town for an easement to put an electricity pole on town property as it worked in the area, explained First Selectman Paul Formica.

Residents also voted in favor of $29,000 to purchase three ATVs and one jet ski for security and maintenance of beaches, including McCook's, Hole-in-the-Wall and a new one near the boardwalk. The town will be reimbursed from a grant from the Nuclear Safety Emergency Program.

Residents also supported $221,564, payable over five years for a Simulcast System as an upgrade to the system operated by emergency management, according to Formica. He added that the system would help facilitate reading of water meters, if the town moves to radio metering in the future.

- Kimberly Drelich


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