Should we register fast cars, alcohol?

Regarding such comments as there is no need for a high-capacity magazines or assault rifles, who decides what a citizen needs?

Do we need cars and motorcycles that can go 180 mph? Do we need alcoholic beverages?

The latest annual statistics indicate more than 30,000 deaths result from speeding vehicles and 10,000 from drunken driving. Should we demonize citizens who own high-powered vehicles and call them murderers? Should we register citizens that purchase alcohol and beer?

If I own a car and have a bottle of Scotch in my home, should I be entered into a national database? These absurdities do not apply to these individuals, yet are readily aimed by legislators at gun owners. This emotional bias has to be addressed.

All pistol permit holders undergo background checks and like hunters must take an NRA- and state-approved safety course to obtain and carry a gun.

The real problem is the mental health system, not legal gun owner. However, it appears some people think we can legislate sanity.

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