Another day, another plan to save education

Took note that looping was discontinued by Stonington school board to make way for the new Common Core of Learning.

If I had a dollar for every education reform and guru who was going to revolutionize education over the past 25 years I could buy my wife dinner at the Ocean House. I would ask all parents/citizens to peruse the Common Core jargon - education speak taken to an art form. The latest reformers may have delivered the death blow to public schools.

When one recovers from reading the Common Core, please read Diane Ravitch and E.D. Hirsch. The public schools enabled America to put a man on the Moon, create the greatest industry, food production and scientific achievements in the world.

Notice that such achievements have gone to hell in a handbasket since theorists enabled by education administrators and big business began tinkering with education in the 1980s?

Every child comes with their own learning potential - gallon or quart sized, it must be filled. That used to be done.

The "one size fits all" mandates of the Common Core will result in a American caste system profiting only a wealthy 1 percent and China.

As I type it is happening.

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