Great job harassing group of working folks

I would like to take note of the dedicated efforts of the New London Police to target New London facility Electric Boat employees.

I appreciate your effort to ticket us each and every morning as we drive to our jobs. With the exception of a few knuckleheads, the majority of us respect the community we pass through each morning.

Many have worked at the Groton facility for many years with similar speed limits and school zones without a single ticket. Groton police recognize us as community members, not just a means to pull in cash.

New London has upwards of 3,000 EB employees (potential customers) who need to eat, shop and purchase fuel.

Restaurants around the EB facility have found that EB employees tend to purchase more local services than the previous tenant (Pfizer). That money surely helps.

If we feel that the police are intentionally reaching into our wallets, we can just as easily drive into and out of New London without spending a dime. Adjoining towns seem to appreciate our patronage.

If New London put the same effort into crime prevention, road repair, snow removal, and sanding slippery roads, more families would come back in the evening to spend money in one of your many quality eateries.

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