UPDATE: Hoping for a quick return of Ten Sandwiches

Ten Sandwiches has posted this on Facebook:

Update: The building we occupied on Commerce St in downtown Westerly is going to be knocked down due to the third floor fire on Friday. We are currently searching for a new location so if anyone has any prospective locations please send a private message with the details. Thank you all very very much for your overwhelming support before, during, and after this fire. We'll be back!

My two cents: Lots of storefronts available here in New London!

Original blog post:

Among the businesses burned out Friday night was Ten Sandwiches, which Jill Blanchette recently reviewed. You can read Jill's review here.

We join fans of the restaurant who are offering up their best wishes on Facebook. I look forward to the shop's reopening so I can once again enjoy a a No. 7: Genoa salami, capicola, prosciutto, provolone and marinated spicy slaw on a baguette.

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