Black-on-white violence deserves condemnation

Several months ago the local and state chapter of the NAACP were very vocal in their support of New London candidate firefighter Alfred Mayo. It seems Mr. Mayo had been the subject of racial discrimination at the hands of some at the State Fire Academy, and New London's mayor eventually came to his senses and reinstated Mr. Mayo. Kudos to the NAACP for this.

My concern, however is this; recently the six individuals who stalked and murdered Matthew Chew received their sentences for their roles in this slaying.

Mr. Chew was white and all six of his assailants were black. I wonder why the NAACP did not express their outrage at the actions of these six teenagers of color for what they did to Mr. Chew?

Perhaps, like so many others the NAACP believes that white is the absence of color. That would be incorrect.

White is just another color and for the NAACP and other organizations like them to remain relevant they should always champion anyone and everyone who suffers discriminations at the hands of others.

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