Licentious '60s seeded modern era excesses

We are witnessing today in America a radical cultural decline the seeds of which were planted during the "Roaring 1960s" across our leftist campuses and in our permissive courts. Prayer is out and liberating sexual practices are in; self-sacrifice and self-restraint are out and narcissism is in; shallow and abusive entertainment "in" and ethical value-oriented diversions "out."

No need to look very far, just make a quick review of the social experimentation being attempted by the states of Washington and Colorado, both of which successfully passed into law bills recognizing the legal right to possess marijuana for recreational use. Everything the left pined for in that decade of turmoil has just about all come to pass or is in the process of doing so.

And yet early reports indicate a sharp spike in teen pot usage in both these states that will no doubt lead to an increased usage of more powerful substances. That's not something important to notice or lament, however, in the single-minded pursuit of a cultural revolution promoted by both government and big business - a pursuit which may very well transform our freedom-loving heritage into an estate of zombies and libertarian oddballs.

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