Genetically-altered foods must be labeled

This letter concerns the Feb. 1 story, "Ledyard panel to look at labeling genetically modified foods," and the continuing debate about that issue. As concerned citizens in Connecticut hoping to be able to maintain our good health as we age, knowing what is in our food is extremely important to us.

There will always be opponents and proponents with regard to the health and environmental safety of GMOs. I understand the concerns of both sides but also feel that those concerns are not the issue here. The issue is people having a right to know what is in their food. Our feeling is that safe or not safe, we want to know what is in our food. We want to be able to decide for ourselves what we choose to eat. We feel that it is not up to any business, company or government to make these decisions for us.

Labeling is a simple request. Personally, my husband and I feel that if the producers of GMO crops as well as the companies producing food products containing GMO crops, truly believed that there are no health issues connected to long term consumption of genetically modified crops, then they would proudly display "Contains GMOs" on labels.

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