How about recognizing best letter writers

A recent article, "The Day, web site, weeklies win numerous journalism awards," (Feb. 11), referred to the publication's awards for reporting, photography, design, etc. Most readers of the newspaper in our community applaud those individuals for earning those merits. You in the news industry rarely receive much recognition and hardly ever a word of thanks.

Why not offer the same sort of recognition for local individuals who write letters to the editor? These letters offer interesting and provocative words of wisdom on topics from "A to Z," many are masterful efforts with honest and thoughtful opinions. On the first of January of the New Year have the company's personnel make a listing of the best 10 letters with author's name, title of article, and town or city.

After all the best part of The Day is the "Opinion's Page." Yes, writing is indeed, hard work. As they say, "Give some credit where credit is due."

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