Recognize that China biggest trading threat

Recent happenings in the far east and far west seem to be overtaxing our abilities to cope with economic problems.

Forgetting for a minute the debt, and the fossilized oligarchy enthroned in Congress causing part of the problem, let's look at a greater long-range problem, probably greater than global warming, and that is China's undeclared trade war against America that is showing up all over our economy and unemployment lines.

We hear daily about the trade war between the United States and China, especially since China joined the world trade organization in 2001.

Today the situation is worsening as many major U.S. firms are off shoring to China and have become casualties such as Motorola, and Sears; in fact some 50,000 factories and millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost to China.

But even worse the maintenance of Boeing 777s and 747s has been off sourced to China, which now provides China with the high technology to develop its own trans-world airlines and military aircraft.

Now that President Obama has calmed things down in the far east, perhaps he should look harder far west.

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