The country is changing, and you can't stop it

You butchered your way across a continent and stole the land for yourself. Kidnapped millions from yet another continent and forced them to do your labor.

Your wives were subservient chattel, legally recorded with a deeded marriage license.

Your politicians, judges and police protected your way of life.

You were first in line for education, jobs, housing, land, food and money.

You're armed to the teeth with the paranoia that someone might steal your stuff.

You pickle yourself in the briny hatred of Rush Limbaugh and accuse others of your own faults. You say you're a Christian yet ignore the Sermon on the Mount.

You want your country back, you say. Of course you do, it was a racket.

The sound that you hear is not the sky falling, but the death throes of the great American red neck.

Welcome the sunrise.

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