Take Pfizer property by way of Kelo ruling

Pfizer Inc. finds it more economical to tear down a ready-to-go building (118 used in the past as part of it's pharmaceutical development) rather than sell it to the state or a developer. At this same time, southeastern Connecticut has been working to develop this region as a pharmaceutical hub, where pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers can be encouraged to develop, creating jobs. Purchasing the abandoned Pfizer Building 118 could serve as that hub for new businesses.

Pfizer is a business looking for ways to increase income and reduce losses for its stockholders. Pfizer has little or no interest in helping southeastern Connecticut recover from the recession or reduced development, to say nothing of their massive layoffs and physical departures.

Southeastern Connecticut has years of experience with eminent domain issues (having given our region national exposure). The case was won, with the Supreme Court upholding as constitutional the taking of private property for economic development.

Perhaps there is an experienced local approach to this issue to save this loss. The state could simply repeat the eminent domain process to obtain the Pfizer property by virtue of the same legal need and reasoning: economic development.

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