As dictatorship looms our guns protect liberty

In the letter to the editor, "Do firearm advocates await an insurrection?" (March 29), the writer states that "For more than 230 years we have used the vote rather than firearms to select our leaders."

My question is what makes you think your vote matters? Federally, only our vote for the legislature carries direct weight. As the Electoral College elects the president, your vote means nothing.

In an age where an increasingly imperial executive through the use of czars, cabinet/department regulations that bypass Congress (the EPA and Education Dept.), laws such as the Patriot Act, ignoring will of Congress, the president mocking the Judicial in his State of the Union, through Homeland Security arming local police with military-grade weapons and a host of other events, what makes people think their vote will be enough to carry the "will of the people?"

For more than 230 years the three branches of government functioned in tri-equal roles. Today, the executive has become the "more equal" of the three and at this rate the gap in power will grow.

When the executive grows to a dictatorship, armed citizens, under the Second Amendment, may be the only thing that stands between us and tyranny. That sir, has every place in civilized society.

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