Magazine tip: Baseball preview issue

Sports Illustrated

In these days when fantasy and rotisserie publications reduce America's Pastime to eye-blurring algorhythms, it's a delight to read the SI annual preview issue. In addition to compellingly human team reports - complete with analyses of each squad by rival scouts - this edition includes a terrific story on the philosophy behind the Tampa Bay Rays' incredibly consistent pitching staff. There's also a beautiful and melancholy piece on the late Brian Cole - "The Best Player You Never Saw." And just to show you the magazine is mightily aware that it's NCAA basketball tourney time, you'll love Richard Hoffer's ingenious and hilarious report on the frat-dudeish, wings-and-lite-beer-centric, gambler's spring-break mentality that runs rampant in Vegas during the opening week of March Madness.



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