Columnist's suggestion would cost Pfizer jobs

People please wake up, the Pfizer decisions have been made in New York City and in Collegeville, Pa., for many years. The original Groton Pfizer decision makers are long gone. It's just another site/location hanging on by their fingernails to a business model and employment.

Boycotting drugs, a knee-jerk reaction suggested by David Collins in his column, "Take Pfizer's Groton property by eminent domain?" (March 29), displays lack of knowledge regarding Groton Pfizer. Ask the United Way dealing with millions of dollars less in donations because of Pfizer layoffs and because people unsure of their jobs or future have lowered their commitment to giving and sharing.

People, if you want to put the final nail in the coffin to displace the remaining 4,000 employees, neighbors, and subcontractors employed in our area, certainly go ahead, follow the boycott. All Pfizer has to do is say, we don't need this problem and hold a meeting like they did three years ago in New London, Kalamazoo, Mich. and Sandwich, England by announcing the closing of the Groton site.

The Cambridge, Mass. site is ready and able to do the job. Be prepared to deal with trickled down unemployed, depressed real estate market all from an uneducated reaction to the real pharmaceutical business world.

David Collins will have his job.

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