Births - April 7


MAR. 22 - A daughter to Christian and Leigh Thomas.

MAR. 23 - A son to Christopher and Kelsey Waits; a daughter to Roderick Bouney and Victoria Lane.

MAR. 24 - A son to Kyle and Yuna Kennedy.

MAR. 25 - Twin daughters to Christian and Dianne Seidell; a son to Anthony Castro and Danielle DeSilva.

MAR. 26 - A son to Adilsom Ribeiro and Maria Alves.

MAR. 28 - A son to Dale Simonds and Alison Blanchard; a daughter to Sean and Jessica Green; a son to Brendan and Lindsay Twitchell; a son to Jason Kogut and Allix Vose.

MAR. 29 - A daughter to James and Andrea DePaola; a son to Julio Tamayo and Ileana Rodriguez.

MAR. 30 - A daughter to Christopher Wright and Ashley Goulart; a daughter to Joseph Terry and Samantha Berthod.


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