New London cat tests postive for rabies

New London – A cat found in the area of Bank and Howard streets near Crocker's Boatyard tested positive for rabies on Sunday, according to the Ledge Light Health District.

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that can infect all warm blooded animals, including people.

The virus lives in the saliva and brain tissue of infected animals and can be spread by scratches from infected animals or when saliva comes into contact with open wounds, breaks in the skin or mucous membranes, according to a press release by Ledge Light Health District Sanitarian Ryan McCammon.

McCammon urged the public to refrain from feeding or approaching any wild or stray animals.

According to the Waterford-East Lyme Animal-Control's Facebook page, "if anyone had any incidents with an aggressive or (sic) cat that appeared "drunk" in that area, please contact the New London Animal Control immediately."

On the social media page, Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control Officer Robert Yuchniuk advised anyone who has been bitten or scratched by a cat in the area of Howard and Bank streets "in the past few days to seek medical attention immediately."

New London Animal Control can be reached at (860) 447-5231 and Ledge Light Health District can be reached at (860) 448-4882.


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