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Gearing Up for Third Husky Helper Day

CLINTON - Three years ago, The Morgan School began an annual tradition that gets students out in the Clinton community assisting local organizations and facilities with a spring clean-up effort.

On April 2, Morgan Paw Print journalism students began gearing up students for the May 17 day-long event with a video presentation highlighting the 2012 Husky Helper Day.

At the April 2 assembly, Principal Keri Hagness recognized those who participated last year and said she's thrilled to host yet another day on which the teenagers can help the community.

"I can't believe it's already our third annual Husky Helper Day," Hagness said to the school. "The fact that we can even have a third Husky Helper Day is because of the fact that our past two Husky Helper Days have been awesome, which is attributed to you as well as all of the staff for making it so successful."

The goal of Husky Helper Day is to bring the community together as a whole. From inside to outdoors, for school buildings and town facilities, Morgan students and several non-profit organizations and volunteers including the Pretty Committee unite to put a fresh face on the town.

This year, students will be cleaning up 36 outside locations in addition to The Morgan School. While seniors get first dibs on where they would like to work, the students were also asked to choose eight locations, with staff members narrowing down where they will go.

Some locations on the clean-up list include the schools, the Congregational Church, Clinton Fire Department, Henry Carter Hull Library, Malone's Sandwich and Coffee House, Town Beach, Andrews Memorial Town Hall, and several others.

"You may not get what you really want to do, but ultimately this is a day that's not about you; it's about what we get done and the satisfaction of what the community sees in us in terms of giving back," Hagness said. "I can't tell you enough how much this has impressed our community with the work that you do, that it really has helped shift that perception about what kids are capable of and each time we've had Husky Helper Day, you guys have gone above and beyond."

New this year to Husky Helper Day, the Morgan Paw Print is asking students to participate as "citizen journalists." For every site student volunteers visit, one student will be designated to photograph the work done, capturing the hard work and fun. After Husky Helper Day, a presentation will be made highlighting all the efforts through this new assignment.

?The Morgan Paw Print is asking you all to help be citizen journalists by tweeting, instagramming, and texting in your pictures," student Liz Bradley said.

The principal is asking other local organizations to contact the school as soon as possible if they are interested in assistance at a certain location in town.

"We are always looking for more and are open for more people who need help that day," said Hagness.

To learn more about the May 17 third annual Husky Helper Day, call The Morgan School at 860-664-6504.


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