Buyer's remorse for rehiring President Obama

We are three short months into what will be the most polarizing, arrogant and contentious presidential term in my lifetime.

The GDP is anemic, real Obamacare costs (taxes) are surfacing, the political agenda associated with sequestration, continued campaign-style assaults, the obsession with gun control, the focus on immigration, and yet no focus on creating jobs, reducing entitlements, fixing government waste or reducing taxes.

With midterms on the horizon, my guess is we won't see much of President Obama in the Oval Office problem solving, but flying the peoples' plane around the country campaigning.

All we continue to hear is the rich need to pay more, and the government needs to spend more on infrastructure projects.

Didn't we just invest (waste) almost $1 trillion on infrastructure in the form of the stimulus, "putting America back to work?"

So, as you sit home figuring out what else you can sacrifice, planning your staycation or long weekend holiday, think about the 51 percent who thought that giving this failed president a second term was a good idea; visualize pictures of the first family on elegant vacations living the life of the 1 percent he continues to vilify, and ask yourself, can we afford four more years?

I can't!

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