Good citizens need to start asking, 'Why?'

Remember when the kids were 3 to 5 years old, they would ask a question, you would answer it, and then they would ask, "Why?" You would answer again and again and each time they would ask, "Why?" It's time for you as a citizen to start asking your government state and federal officials, "Why?"

Why should you have to pay over $4 a gallon for gas? Why should you have to pay more money each week for food? Why are you being told that you should envy the wealthy, and demonize entire industries that bring us fuel, electricity and products? Why is my success presented as a threat to you?

Why has your equity in your home, your investment in savings, lost about 30 percent of its value? Why has your government spent trillions of your dollars in green energy and shovel ready jobs, where the "green" went belly-up, and the jobs never existed?

Why haven't you paid attention to who's really responsible? Why aren't you asking your congressman why? Why aren't you educating yourself and seeking answers?

Why should you care? Because it's your country, your money, and your future that's at stake.

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